N Female Bulkhead Crimp connector for 100, RG-174, RG-316 series cable [EZ-NB100]

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N-type Female Bulkhead Crimp connector for 100 series cable.

N Series coaxial connectors are medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors designed for use from DC to 11 GHz.
Their consistently low broadband VSWR have made them popular over the years in many applications.
The N series connector is impedance matched to 50 ohm cables.

Impedance 50 ohm
Frequency Range 0 to 11.0 Ghz
V.S.W.R. 1.3 max
Working Voltage 1,000 volts rms max at sea level
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 2,500 volts rms max at sea level
Contact Resistance Center contact=1.0 Milliohms max
Contact Resistance Outer contact=1.0 Milliohms max
Insertion Loss 0.3 dB max at 10 Ghz
Insulation Resistance 5,000 Megohms min
Body (Material/Finish) Brass/Nickel
Center Pin (Material/Finish) Bronze/Gold
Crimp Tube (Material/Finish) Annealed Copper/Nickel
Dielectric Teflon
O-Ring Present

N F B 9